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The U.S. Coast Guard rescued over 400 Haitian migrants and safely transferred them to Haitian authorities in two separate patrols Tuesday, September 28 and Thursday, September 30, the Coast Guard said.

 News releases from the Coast Guard said the first patrol found 202 Haitians migrants in a 50-foot sail freighter, Tuesday, at approximately 1:30 p.m., about 20 miles northwest of Cap Du Mole, Haiti.

Courtesy: U.S. Coast Guard

The second patrol found 199 people in another 50-foot sail freighter, Thursday, at approximately 2:30 p.m., southeast of Pointe de la Plateforme, Haiti.

Courtesy: U.S. Coast Guard

Both crews brought the migrants aboard Coast Guard cutters because the vessels they were on were overloaded. The boats were later destroyed as a danger to navigation.

No injuries or meaningful medical concerns were reported among the migrants in both occasions.

“Migrants attempting to go into the United States by sea are often on grossly overloaded, unseaworthy vessels, and without safety equipment,” said Lt. David Steele, Coast Guard Liaison Officer, U.S. Embassy Haiti. “Sadly, many people have lost their lives in these attempts.”

Since Oct, 1, 2020, Coast Guard crews have rescued 1,527 Haitians compared to: 

  • 418 Haitian Migrants in Fiscal Year 2020
  • 932 Haitian Migrants in Fiscal Year 2019
  • 609 Haitian Migrants in Fiscal Year 2018
  • 419 Haitian Migrants in Fiscal Year 2017

Haiti is experiencing one of its worst humanitarian crises in decades after President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in July and a devastating 7.2 extent earthquake moved the island-nation in August, killing more then 2,100 people.

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