Change is Never Over – How to Develop a Dynamic Mindset in Your Organization Now!

Change is Never Over – How to Develop a Dynamic Mindset in Your Organization Now!

Changes a fact of life. There is a shared saying which is “nothing changes but change itself”.

The reality is that life is a continued flux between one thing and another. It is important to encourage people to embrace the change and come to work every day ready to take on new responsibilities, and consider new things. Rewriting your list of to do things is an basic part to award adaption and growth. It is a fact of life that things change, in fact everything changes. Your competition, your markets, technology, the economy, etc. With all this competition and change going on its those who come to work with a flexible attitude that will always rise the victor.

Often it’s found that new managers have been looked upon to come up with some new grand strategy to guide the business in a new direction. But someone who comes in with no such plan has a much more reality-based view on the businesses development. It just does not make sense to manufacture a long and detailed strategy when things change so frequently.

already Bruce lee said: ” be like water”. Follow the path of least resistance and adapt and change when needed to get where you need to go.

The act of reducing a strategy to a formula essentially creates a less dynamic mindset. this is often referred to as level 2 learning. Where level 2 learning is it exact formula or a course of action to follow, level 3 learning is the basic strategy that led to the formula in the first place. consequently detailed planning and strict rules will necessarily fail due to the friction that you will encounter. while a general strategy which is open to flexible change will never be rendered useless, and can always be implemented in any situation. No one has a crystal ball and no one can tell how events will ultimately turn out, so it’s important to make sure you have a strategy in place but not asset rule book.

Instead of a detailed strategy setting clear goals with congruent outcomes is the best way to develop the winning business. Those businesses which adapt these types of strategies and set these kinds of goals will always be the top competitors in their market.

Lay a substantial foundation by developing a strong strategy and did not plan to use in improvement.

Develop different plans of options but do not have them set in stone.

And always expect the unexpected.

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