Certified Psychics: WARNING! The Psychic Certification SECRET They Use…

Are you looking for a certified psychic? Are you convinced that the best specialized readers have been accredited, or deemed “worthy” by some larger body or agency, simply because they’re online ad says they have been? And if that’s true… what does the certification course of action include… and what happens to the psychics and readers who DON’T make the cut, or “pass” the grade?

All good questions, right? I agree!

And in this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what it method to be a certified psychic, and why MOST of the popularity is in the marketing, not the meaning!

The FIRST thing you need to know about psychic certification is THIS:

There is NO “governing” body for certifying a psychic. In other words, there is NO quality control. A psychic network can say they certify their psychics, and for that reason, make it appear like they are better, when in fact, they are simply using a smart and savvy and SOME would say, a “SNEAKY” strategy for making it appear like they have better readers!

As a matter of fact…

There are several psychic sets that use some variation of the name “certified” in their URL or domain name, or already in the name of their service… and the truth is, it’s completely and totally a gimmicky approach to selling you on their psychics, and NOT an objective measure on how good they really are.

Now, it’s ALSO important to understand THIS:

There are several scientific organizations that are currently studying psychic mediums in a lab setting, and testing these psychics and mediums for REAL accuracy. (an example of this would be the tests done on several psychic mediums that were demonstrated during the HBO DOCUMENTARY, “The Afterlife Experiments”)

The mediums that pass all of the tests are often designated as “Certified as Authentic”, and the Windbridge Institute in Arizona is a good example of an organization that does this. The problem of course, is that these readers are often “celebrity” types, and NOT obtainable for public readings. (or if they are, they can charge anywhere from $300 an hour to over $3000 for a single session)

Your BEST bet is to do THIS:

Stick with inexpensive psychics, who are $50 or less, and work for the major networks and sets.

Only get readings from networks that guarantee their readings are GREAT, or you don’t have to pay. (100% money back guarantees)
Avoid sets that try to convince you that their certification course of action method their readers are in some way “accredited” or backed by some sort of government body (another shared scam)

Lastly… relax and have fun! A good reading should leave you comfortable, confident and should be enjoyable in addition as informative. Don’t worry about credentials, worry more about getting good, substantial and actionable advice that you KNOW in your chief is right! (which is exactly why I speak to MY favorite psychic in the first place..:-)

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