Cap and Trade – We Must Reduce Our Energy Costs Now Or Else!

There is a bill in legislation right now called Cap & Trade. It is nevertheless up in the air if this bill is going to pass but if it does look out! It will double or triple your energy costs. In the winter months if your electric bill is $100.00 you will be looking at anywhere between $200.00 and $300.00. If your gas bill in the winter is $175.00 well you do the math! Think about that by the year! Most of us can’t provide this. If this Cap & Trade bill passes it is going to hurt a lot of people. If you are having a hard time now keeping up with the energy bills you will really be in trouble if this bill passes. It is really important that we all look at ways to reduce our energy costs!

There are 2 ways to lower energy costs and I am a huge fan of both. Think about wind and solar energy. If the Cap & Trade bill passes you are going to see a lot more solar panels on the roofs of homes and a lot more windmills in backyards! This is a fact! If you could cut down or do away with your electric bill why wouldn’t you? Especially if that bill passes and your costs double or triple!

You may have looked into solar and wind strength and were led to believe that it is way too expensive. If you let a contractor do it it will be. If you get sucked into the newest thing, rental of the equipment it will be. If you rent the equipment, pay the security place and the monthly rental fee how is that saving you anything? You may do away with an electric bill but you are replacing it with the rental fee. Do you think that rental fee is going to be that much less than your monthly electric bill, to make a difference? I don’t think so.

You can get kits for solar panels and wind turbines and install them yourself. This will save you a lot over going the contractor route. You can also build your own solar panels and wind generators for a associate of hundred bucks. There are plenty of plans and guides obtainable to help you do it. Building them yourself (DYI) isn’t hard If you can read, follow directions and use a few simple hand and strength tools you can do it.

If you need 12 solar panels to strength your whole home, at $200.00 a piece that’s $1200.00 compared to $12,000 or more that a contractor will get from you. If you want to get ahead of the Cap & Trade bill solar and wind strength is well worth looking into!

You better be thinking about this Cap & Trade Bill hard! If this bill passes, unless you are high or very well off this bill is going to hurt you. You can express your opinion to your local congressman. That is what they are there for. All you have to do is make a phone call. If more people in this country did that we would be a lot better off! Learn more about the Cap & Trade Bill [].

Solar and wind strength is the way to go these days. already if the Cap & Trade doesn’t pass THIS TIME do you think they are going to let it go? THIS TIME are the TWO big words here! They will keep trying until they can get it passed and get more money out of your pocket.

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