Can Bulk Email Marketing Make Your high?

Forget pay per click. Forget search engine submission. Forget online classifieds. None is better and more effective than bulk email marketing. Of course, you got to follow the rules, Jo-Jo! But is Bulk email marketing illegal? Nope.

Mass marketing is not illegal(well, it depends). Spamming is! What, you say? What do you average? Isn’t bulk email marketing spamming? Nope.

Spamming is (according to information the use of any electronic communications medium to send unsolicited messages in bulk. But you say then, bulk email marketing is illegal? Well, if you send “unsolicited messages” that is considered spamming. If you send your email daily that is spamming. But if you send your “sales pitch” to people who have agreed to receive regular offers that is Not considered spamming. Let me just say, how many offers do you get daily? Probably many. Do you remember agreeing to those offers? Probably not.

You see bulk email marketing when its done right can make you high. And that is no joke. Many major companies like Blockbuster, Netflix, and travel companies use email marketing. Although, this companies might disagree (hesitantly) that they over-use email marketing to promote new offers. As long as you follow the laws you wont’ have a problem.

1. Send messages to people who want to receive daily email offers. Believe me, there is tons of people out there that love this stuff. You could check out below for a good email list of hungry buyers. This list is updated regularly and all have agreed to receive offers.

2. Get an opt-in email list from a good reputable company. Buying a list is a good idea. Building a list takes years.

3. Get a good mass email software. Never use your ISP’s server. Do this and you’ll be shut down. You can get a good software just by looking on yahoo or Google. Just kind “bulk email software”.

4. Write good subject lines. Make it short. Don’t bore them with your sob or miracle stores.

5. And never email the same people daily. Always wait a few days to email the same people again. Don’t be a pain the rear. Be smart.

6. Gain trust. Send free offers like free ebooks and such.

Can bulk email make you high? If it’s done properly and within the law. Definitely!

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