Buy Investment character From the Government and Pay Pennies on the Dollar

Buy Investment character From the Government and Pay Pennies on the Dollar

In the late 1980’s opportunities to buy investment character from the government for pennies on the dollar were abundant. Due to enormous foreclosures form mortgage lenders sparked by the Savings and Loan crisis, real estate investors that had a few thousand dollars had a heyday buying form the Resolution Trust Corporation. And it is about to happen all over again.

The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) was a government agency that auctioned off investment similarities and houses that had been foreclosed on or taken back due to government tax liens. These real estate investment opportunities did not surface right away and continued by the early 1990’s. The housing bubble of 2008 produced by easy mortgage lending standards will likely consequence in a similar scenario.

Investors who are ready and educated on how to take advantage of this opportunity stand to assistance greatly. The wave of foreclosures is not however completed but when it is there will be many auctions for savvy investor. Just like in the early 1990’s, investors with little as a few thousand dollars cash in hand stand to assistance greatly. Attending government auctions, not just federal but municipalities in addition, are beginning to show signs of opportunity.

With tighter lending standards going forward joining a real estate club to get real estate investing tips and network with other character owners will be a good idea. Creative owner financing techniques are much easier to implement when both buyer and seller are open to an arrangement that combines cash with seller financing.

I have recently seen listings offering owner financing and bond for deed terms. One seller told me this was the only way to move investment character right now. These are terms that enabled me to get into real estate in my early twenties without a track record or much in the way of credit.

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