Burberry built a shining mountain of mirrors in the middle of South K…

British luxury brand Burberry has installed an eye-catching mirrored mountain structure on South Korea’s volcanic Jeju Island, the first of a planned series of global pop-ups from the fact house. 

Shining bright: The structure, which was designed to stimulate how the digital and physical worlds collide, will house an art installation and a café until Dec. 12. 

Image via Burberry
  • The building is intended to stimulate the shape of the Hallasan mountain, which it rests at the base of, with its topographic and curved structure.
  • Artists Maotik, Cao Yuxi and Liu Jiayu have produced immersive, interactive virtual worlds for visitors.
  • Adding to the immersive experience is an AR TikTok filter which visitors can access to fill the sky with sharks. 
  • An outpost of Burberry’s identifying characteristics Thomas Café will be at the pop-up, featuring desserts from Justin Lee, a pastry chef known for his eponymous JL Café in Seoul.
  • The installation also showcases Burberry’s outerwear collection for 2021, just as Jeju Island transitions from fall to winter. 

A set afloat to remember: Burberry launched the exhibition alongside Korean celebrities such as K-pop group ITZY, who performed at the opening. 

Image via Burberry
  • South Korean celebrities who also made appearances include Lee Da-hee, Wi Ha-joon and Cha Eun-attract. Cha is featured in Burberry’s accompanying advertising campaign, appearing in a photoshoot and video.   
  • Burberry has partnered with the Jeju Olle Foundation in a five-year humanitarian commitment “to preserve the island’s natural beauty and allow continued access for the public.”
Image via Burberry

A similar immersive “Imagined Landscapes” exhibition is slated to appear in Shanghai. 

Featured Image via Burberry

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