Bride Slammed for Asking Sister’s Disabled Husband to Stay Out of Wedd…

A woman is boycotting her sister’s wedding after the bride-to-be asked that her sibling’s disabled husband be excluded from all of the family photos.

The shocking request was detailed in a post shared to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum where it has earned more than 11,700 upvotes.

In the post, the woman describes how she and her husband had been looking forward to her sister’s wedding but when the invitation came by it was only made out to her.

“When I called my sister and asked about it she said my husband was of course fine to come but she requested that he not be in any family photos,” she wrote.

The woman explained that her husband has been in a wheelchair since the age of 16. She has been married to him for 8 years and her family has “always known him to be in his chair.”

Despite this, her sister told her she “doesn’t want him in any of her wedding photos because she is afraid that he’ll take attention away from her because he is ‘different.'”

The bride attempted to justify her decision by saying that whenever people come over and see family photos “they always ask about him” because “he’s the only one that is in a wheelchair so he stands out.”

“She says she wants to be the main focus in her photos,” the woman said.

The request was met with understandable fury.

“I was livid,” the woman wrote. “I went off on her and told her she was being a selfish bridezilla. I told her we wouldn’t be coming.”

The woman said that since the argument she has been getting calls from her parents and other relatives demanding that she apologize to her sister for upsetting her ahead of her wedding.

However, this has only exacerbated the situation further with the woman now equally angry at her family for thinking it is okay to exclude her husband from the family photos.

She said her husband “hates being a burden on people” and though he told her he is fine with not being in the photos that reaction has only additional to her anger as she thinks he now “feels bad about himself.”

Despite her family feeling otherwise, the woman’s decision to skip her sister’s upcoming nuptials earned resounding sustain on Reddit.

Macladybulldog branded the bride’s request “unacceptable.”

“This is ABSOLUTELY an issue that you need to fight for,” they wrote. “Don’t feel one ounce of guilt for her. That’s just freaking awful, and she needs to get over herself.”

AcanthisittaNo2996 accused the bride of being “unreasonable, self-centered and ableist.”

“No one wants to stand out because you have a disability, but unfortunately that’s something that will be pointed out repeatedly,” they said. “He should have the right to just be there, as everyone else.”

Responsible_dirt946 told the woman to stand her ground.

“Fight for your husband, but also fight for this opportunity to educate her about overall discrimination and exclusion of those who are, as she says, ‘different.'” they commented.

“What is wrong with people?” eleveneels asked. “You can’t just edit someone out of your family because they’re not perfect for your photos. If it were me, it would make those photos a reminder that I had treated someone like garbage for the ‘crime’ of being disabled.”

Cat_got_ya_tongue told the woman her bride-to-be sister was “disrespecting” her marriage and evidently “doesn’t understand relationships.”

“Your sister cares more about photos than humans,” they said. “Tell her to hire some actors that look exactly as she wants them. That way she gets her perfect moment and you don’t have to be there.”

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

Bridezillas may be a shared enough occurrence, but research indicates that overly demanding brides and grooms rarely make for a happy union.

Researchers from the National University of Singapore and Emory University found that the amount spent on an engagement ring and the ceremony itself truly had an inverse association with how long the marriage lasts.

A survey of 3,000 marriages conducted in the U.S. found that couples whose weddings cost less than $1,000 were less likely to get divorced than those costing more than $20,000.

The study also found divorces were more shared among couples who ranked good looks as a chief reason behind their initial union.

This isn’t the first time a bridezilla has grabbed attention on social media, of course.

In another recent story, one bride’s excessive demands saw at the minimum one of her bridesmaids step down from her role in the ceremony amid concerns over the mounting costs.

in other places, a bride-to-be attracted the ire of her sister and the internet as a whole after seating her sibling on a random table away from the rest of her family.

Stock image of a man in a wheelchair – one woman has been branded a “bridezilla” after asking that her sister’s husband be excluded from her wedding photos.
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