Biking Across Arizona Yuma to Phoenix

Biking Across Arizona Yuma to Phoenix

Biking Across Arizona is not an easy task, but if one were to take it in sections it is not as bad as it may seem. Starting from Yuma AZ and riding into Phoenix is a decent ride for the long-distance bike riding enthusiast. It is comparatively uneventful and the sheer distance makes it slightly challenging. The route is not too difficult and in addition there are some mountains to cross and some steady inclines.

To start your journey a good location would be Barnes and Noble just off Business 8 or Thirty-second street in Yuma. It is an easy clip by Yuma about 3 miles to S. Araby Rd. where you will go North one mile to Hwy 95 and just prior to the Military Artillery Proving Ground, (that noise you will be hearing is the sound of Freedom) you will make a right hand turn on East County Third Street. You will follow the main paved road zig-zagging every half to two miles on roads like E. Forth Street, S. Ave 18 E, E. County Sixth, S. Ave. 19 E, E County Seventh, S. Ave. 20 E, S. Ave 20 E and finally you come to Old Hwy 80 also known as Los Angeles Ave.

Take Old Hwy 80 20 miles to S 45 East and go North for 5 miles to East County Second 1 mile then left to Palmas Road this leg is 45 miles of desert a real ass-flatener, but hang tough as this is where it gets fun. Palmas turns into W. Hyder Rd. for one mile and you will turn left on S. 555 method, yes that is a Phoenix Area numbered street. Follow that until the end about 5 miles hook a right half mile and left on about the only paved road out there onto West Agua Calliente for 28 miles of sheer hell, but pictureque beauty.

Next make a left on Old Hwy 80 again six miles to South Palo Verde Rd. North for one mile to Baseline Rd. turn left and ride six more miles turns a diagonal and becomes Main Street and then turns back straight again and you are in the City of Goodyear. A good rest point is the Starbucks on the other side of I-10 on Litchfield Road 3 miles North. When done resting take McDowell East 25 miles by Phoenix to North Scottsdale Road and then 15 miles to Scottsdale. There are many good pick up points there. Rest and get some sleep. Job well done, I will be continuing my Trek Across America to Globe and then up Highway 60.

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