Barney Party Menu for the Kids with Prehistoric Treats

Barney Party Menu for the Kids with Prehistoric Treats

Barney the purple dinosaur is a kid’s typical, though his popularity does tend to drop off drastically as kids get older. Barney and his troupe of friends are of course very easy to find with themed party items, and favors. If your buying all of your party supplies for a Barney themed party at the right stores, then it’s more a matter of knowing what not to buy instead of what to buy. Just don’t go to over board, and remember that if it makes noise you have to listen to it. If all else fails, the color purple, rainbows, and dinosaurs will all work well.

The Barney party menu can be tasty for kids and adults and plenty of fun. You can really get into the prehistoric spirit when making food for this party. Start everyone of with some Grilled Dino Prints sandwiches. You may be able to find a cookie cutter in the shape of a foot print that will work or you can cut a very simple dino print with a knife. If you did get a dino print cookie cutter just cut out two slices and make like a grilled cheese. If not carefully cut out some dino footprint shapes with your butter knife. French fries make a great and easy side dish with lots of ketchup. Add another main course of Prehistoric chicken and the kids and adults will be stuffed by the end of your Barney party.

Barney’s Prehistoric chicken is simply turkey drumsticks. You may have to search a little bit but you can usually find someone selling turkey drumsticks at the butcher or in the meat department of the grocery store. Just one per person will do as these are pretty filling. Prepare your drumsticks as you would for fried chicken by dipping them in milk and a zesty bread coating then frying or baking in the oven. The kids will love them and the adults will get a kick out of them at the Barney party.

Parties, especially those involving young kids will be very messy, and the best way to clean up afterwards is to have everything be disposable such as paper plates and plastic forks. You should also consider having a few strategically placed trashcans so maybe the party goers will help clean up without thinking about it.

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