Awakening Joy Meditation

The winter holidays provide the perfect platform for our awakening. These holidays are cycles of completion and inspiration. They are festivals of the light! They are meant to bring new lights of renewal, rebirth and re dedication into our lives.

Many people are celebrating Yule, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and other winter holidays. This is a time of reflection and dedication to that which is best in us and those qualities and actions we want to experience in our lives and proportion in the world.

We are also seeing the calendar shift to a new year. From the celebration of this light in our lives, we can awaken into a new year, a new cycle and we can begin to awaken a new world.It is our time to synchronize this shift in our world with the higher vibrations we wish to integrate. The season invites each person to open and redefine their relationships to each other and to our world. With the following meditation, we can augment these energies to bring in a higher tuning of light, harmony and spirit.


The following mediation is the AWAKENING TO JOY. Joy is a profound alignment with the vibrations of creation and participation. As you connect with this meditation, keep up the words deeply within yourself. These words, in Alawashka, the original language of creation, keep up the frequencies of the holy within them. Once you feel the essence of joy and spirit, then gently allow the flows of this beauty to envelope our world. In effect, you will slowly release these holy energy flows into our air for people to dip into, if they choose. You may feel directed to send energy to certain people or places, but instead, send an invitation. Send an invitation for others to dip into these flows of energy on their own. This will help them move into a greater alignment on their own terms and in their own way. This is a greater blessing. You may add this chant to your regular meditations or choose a special time to add this meditation in your life.

Take a slow thorough breath and center yourself. Allow your thoughts to calm and your body to gently unwind.

Take another slow thorough breath and allow your body to become more at ease.Take another very slow thorough, breath and allow the rhythms of your breathing to carry you into this holy Alawashka chant.

Begin to chant these words out loud.


(distinct: Ahn” – shah Hay – ee”- yah See”- mah)

I call forth the holy embrace of joy.

Find the rhythm that is most comfortable to speak and continue. Chant these words for at the minimum three minutes, preferably ten minutes each day.

Please continue to use this beautiful chant for as long as you like.

I invite you to proportion this meditation with your friends, family and other people. Let them know that you appreciate them. Help them open the flow of joy in their lives and their dreams. Let us all spread the gifts of appreciation in our lives and our world.

Shalka Matista – I celebrate the pathways of Divine flow.


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