AT&T BlackJack II Mobile Phone – A Review

AT&T BlackJack II Mobile Phone – A Review

They went back to the drawing board with BlackJack, which method that everyone can enjoy the fruits of those labors. No II has a bigger screen, more memory, powerful processor, better keyboard, GPS, Windows Mobile 6 and 2 mega-pixel camera. Last but not least – a larger battery.

Don’t think that the new design is without its problems though. There are sync problems and the speakerphone echoes, sounds garbled, muffled and indistinct.

BlackJack II comes in black or burgundy. The latter has textures on the back making it easy to keep up. Burgundy makes a nice change from the usual mobile black (which always attracts fingerprints).

It’s a rather gorgeous executive-looking phone to say the least. Bigger than its predecessor because it has to allow for additional battery capacity – an enormous 1,700 mAh rated for 7 hours talk time and up to 14 days of standby. I foresee recharging just once a week.

The TFT non-touch screen has a high pixel resolution so text and images are sharp and effervescent. As with a normal PC, you can alter background, home page, menus, etc.

There’s a complete QWERTY keyboard at the base of the screen with:

  • Function keys to keep up down for alternate uses
  • Talk/End buttons
  • Home shortcut
  • Go Back button
  • Long press Talk meaningful – activate speakerphone
  • Long press End meaningful – lock mobile
  • Number keys
  • Quick-set afloat keys
  • Short-cut easily easy to reach buttons to Video, Camera, Messages and the Internet.

I don’t care very much for the navigator with center select meaningful, but this can be used as a wheel for scrolling too, which is great. Personally, I prefer a side-mounted wheel but then you can’t have everything and I am happy with my phone.

I paid $150 for my BlackJack II which includes a long two year contract.

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