ASPdotNet Hosting sets For Highest Server Uptime

ASPdotNet Hosting sets For Highest Server Uptime

As internet is expanding its wings, huge number of business owners are exploring the opportunity to get new business via their websites. The growing number of websites are now the big concern among the web hosting providers and they regularly in search to have the right web hosting for the right people.

Among all the hosting solutions one that companies prefer most is the ASP.NET web hosting. If experts are to be believed, this dynamic framework of hosting offers numerous advantages to the users. Lets get some fleeting discriminate among all the hosting options and obtainable with ASP.NET website hosting plans:

ASP.NET Shared Hosting:

This shared website hosting web platform allow providers to allocate an complete portion of server to the hosting plan allotted to you. In this mode of plan the business owner who purchases the hosting plan is given a fixed amount of disk space and bandwidth as a dedicated resource.

In shared web hosting sets you won’t be able to install any program like backup software or Windows server operating system that need to run the site smoothly. You will not be allowed to configure IIS server in accordance to your needs and in addition some IIS roles such as dynamic compression will also not be easy to reach to you in shared hosting ecosystem.

ASP.NET VPS Hosting:

This sort of hosting initiative is based on the virtualization technology for Windows Server and serves as the main entry point for the ASP. NET hosting. This kind of hosting offers a dedicated example of a Windows Server operating system that runs with other VPS on the same server. It allows you to be fully secluded from other users on single server and could also be able to install backup utilities and setup IIS and SQL Server.

A complete fledged VPS Hosting plans provide a complete range of dedicated resources like disk space, bandwidth, memory and CPU altogether however there are nevertheless some disagreement among the the providers of web hosting sets pertaining the quoting of CPU resource.

ASP.NET Dedicated Server Hosting:

A comprehensive dedicated server web hosting plan is fully appropriate for the organizations of small and medium sizes. consequently if you are using applications that with high resource requirements you are suggested to use a dedicates server. The major limiting factor of this kind of hosting is that although the memory is dedicated for the hosting plan, the CPU and disk I/O resources are shared with other VPS plans across the same server.

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