Amethyst Jewelry – Gemstone of the Gods and nevertheless Affordable Gemstone …

Amethyst is a glorious violet purple variety of quartz crystal which is used in all forms of fine jewelry today. And no surprise! Gemstones high in history and folklore are often more highly valued than those lacking historical connotations. And amethyst’s long history of legend and lore has resulted in it being cherished by Deities, Royalty, Religious Leaders and Healers alike. And its beauty has made it a sublime jewelry gemstone too.

According to Greek mythology, the Goddess Diana transformed her mortal handmaiden, Amethyst, into a pure white quartz statue to protect her from two tigers set upon her by the tipsy God of wine, Dionysus. Dionysus was conquer with remorse when he realized what he had done and wept into his wine, spilling some of it. The spilt wine stained the white quartz statue a thorough purple transforming it into amethyst, the gemstone of the Gods.

The information, amethyst, comes from the Greek information “amethustos” and method “not drunk”. Indeed it has been used down the ages as a lucky charm to warn off drunkenness. Its powers were thought to be so strong that the ancient Greeks and Romans already made wine goblets from the purple gemstone in the belief that this would stop them from getting drunk!

Amethyst comes in a range of colors, ranging from pastel rose to thorough purple and it is the shades of purple which came to symbolized royalty throughout history. Pharaohs, kings, queens, emperors and high religious leaders have all used amethyst to signify their position and treasured it because of its high royal hues.

Amethyst was adopted by the Catholic Church as the “Papal” stone and was used to decorate Catholic churches in the Middle Ages. It was thought to encourage celibacy and convey piety and many Catholic priests use amethyst rings today because of this.

Amethyst is also believed to have healing similarities. It has been used for thousands of years in healing and psychic empowerment. It is known as the Spiritual Stone and is thought to be particularly powerful because it has the same violet purple color as the crown chakra. And this purple gemstone is also thought to generate a more optimistic outlook, lower stress levels and bring calm. Many believe that placing it under a pillow also helps bring on restful sleep and relaxation.

With so many links to emotional, spiritual and physical riches, is there any surprise that amethyst is as much sought after today as it has always been? Handmade amethyst jewelry at affordable prices is easy to find, if you know where to go.

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