Alpha Lipoic Acid Improves Penis Sensitivity

If you are interested in a safe and natural product to enhance both the health and sensitivity of your penis, you might be interested in alpha lipoic acid (ALA). ALA is not just another supplement for male performance. ALA is a potent antioxidant that is manufactured by the cells of the body, and has a number of roles similar to vitamin B. Unlike many other supplements, ALA has truly been researched to sustain a number of medical conditions which affect nerve sensitivity in the penis. It is both a protector of nerve fibers and penis tissues, contributes levels of other penis specific vitamins, and is an agent to guard the complete body from disease.


ALA is involved in a variety of cellular roles, but what interests scientists the most about it is the ability of ALA to protect against oxidative damage. Oxidation occurs because of free radicals, which are caused by detoxification, exercise, pollution, stress, and a variety of other factors. Oxidative damage does not occur closest, but happens over time, and is likely the reason for reduced nerve sensitivity with age. ALA has a dual action in the fight against free radicals: it protects against oxidation directly, and also regenerates levels of other antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and glutathione — nutrients which have been indicated in several studies to sustain penis health and erectile function.


Sexual problems, penis health and impotence are a big issue for men with diabetes. High blood sugars increase oxidation in the body and have a negative effect on circulation, making it difficult for blood to travel around the body and to the male organ. While there are a number of supplements obtainable for both impotence and diabetes, ALA is one of the few that have been researched to have specific benefits for nerve function. In 2011 the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the U.S.A. published a research review on giving ALA to diabetic patients with nerve damage. ALA improved a meaningful range of symptoms, including pain, burning, prickling and numbness. The researchers concluded that the antioxidant both prevented damage to nerves, in addition as facilitated regeneration of nerve health and function. at the minimum 600mg daily for three weeks was recommended as the therapeutic measure to unprotected to this effect.


Surgery is one of the dominant causes of impotence. Many men have surgical procedures every year either on or near the penis, risking damage to the sensitivity and function of nerves. Studies show that ALA may have an important role to play in this area. Because of the special protective effects of ALA on nerve health, researchers from Turkey wanted to probe the effects of ALA in protecting nerve tissues in the penis during and after a surgery on erectile tissues. During the study ALA proved both effective in protecting against oxidation caused by surgery, and in aiding the rehabilitation of erectile tissues and nerves following surgery. If a man is preparing for surgery on the penis or the prostate gland, ALA is a useful antioxidant to enhance his chances of a good outcome and reduce the risk of impotence.

Natural Erectile Function

ALAmay have a advantageous effect on erectile function and male vigor, according to research from the Royal Free and University College Medical School in the U.K. A study published in the journal Diabetes in 2003 proved that ALA had a advantageous effect of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) — an enzyme that acts as the body’s own natural viagra. NOS stimulates the formation of nitric oxide (NO) from L-arginine, which in turn stimulates the opening of blood vessels in the penis during erection. Unlike prescription erectile medicines, however, ALA is an excellent antioxidant for the health of the heart and has few side effects.

Supplement Forms

APA can be taken both as an internal supplement in addition as a topical health creme. Supplements have shown in studies to be absorbed by the human digestive tract, but to varying degrees of effectiveness. Special penis formulas containing APA (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and bypass the digestive course of action. After washing apply the health creme to the skin of the penis as directed and give it several minutes to absorb. These formulas also contain a range of other nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, E and L-arginine to provide further sustain for penis health and function.

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