Affiliate Marketing – Yahoo You’ve Got Money

Affiliate Marketing – Yahoo You’ve Got Money

Yahoo offers one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing programs on the internet today making it one of the best ways to make money as an affiliate. Currently Yahoo claims over 425 million users in over 20 countries, with more than 200 million registered users, speaking 15 different languages. Why is this so important to an affiliate marketer? The more people looking by a website, the more money you stand to make.

Yahoo offers several different sets that are now included as part and parcel of the whole affiliate package. By choosing an affiliation with Yahoo you have the opportunity to work with a well known name worldwide, in addition as with their excellent management team, who are always there to help you.

Yahoo has teamed up with Commission Junction to provide you with the latest tracking software, real time reports and regular monthly payments. Each of the separate sections of Yahoo pays differently but by joining the affiliate program you will have access to all of them, giving you multiple opportunities to earn money.

No matter which of the Yahoo “similarities” you choose to place on your site, and in fact you can use more than one, Yahoo will keep it up to date with the latest ads and turn up. You can set up the ads to target your particular audience or highlight a particular product, it is your choice.

The following are the current rates offered by Yahoo on each of their similarities; one of the advantages of a Yahoo affiliate is that if someone downloads one service and then decides to add another one, you get the commission for both sales.

-Yahoo web hosting: For every business hosting solution sale you will earn $60.

-Yahoo web domains: For every domain sale you will earn $2.50

-Yahoo custom mailbox: For every custom mailbox sale you will earn $5.00

-Yahoo business mailbox: For every business mailbox sale you will earn $10.00

-Yahoo merchant solutions: For every completed sale you will earn $90.00

-Yahoo personals: For every new subscription you will earn $22.00

-Yahoo music unlimited: For every free trial signed up you will earn $15.00

-Yahoo autos: for every new car rule you will earn $4.50

-Yahoo games: For every completed download sale you will earn $5.00

As you can see Yahoo offers a wide range of sets and they all pay quite well. Proper placement of one or more these sets can bring the affiliate marketer a tidy income on a monthly basis. Yahoo pays once a month by Commission junction and offers a large number of sets to help you maximize your earnings possible.

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