A Well-Known Affiliate Program

A Well-Known Affiliate Program

Associates of the Associates program assistance when customers click by to the Amazon websites for products and sets. Use of the well-known Amazon name and banners can give a website additional credibility and also permit associates to receive up to 10% in referral fees too.

The Amazon affiliate program is now well over ten years old, and has a good track record of helping website owners, web developers and Amazon second-sellers to make money.

The users of Amazon’s Associates program range from large and very well-known websites down to blog sites and websites run by individuals. Other Amazon affiliate program users are comparison shopping websites and search engine marketers. As the Amazon name has become such a well-known brand it almost acts as an endorsement – although it is not – of the websites on which its adverts appear.

The Amazon Associates program works by enabling associates to excursion traffic by to Amazon’s website by a formatted link which allows Amazon to track activity and sales. Payments are sent each month to associates, who can earn up to 10% of total sales in referral fees and qualifying revenue for purchases made via their links.

Associates who join the Amazon program are given access to Associates Central, an extranet where associates go to build their links, view their traffic and earnings reports – which are updated every day – and keep up to date with the latest news and opportunities that Amazon are providing to their associates.

Participation in Amazon’s Associate affiliate program is easy and free. Users have to complete and online application form and, once approved, they use the Build Links tool in Associates Central to get their links ready for use on their own website.

Amazon continue to look for ways in which they can help associates to market their products and, of course, Amazon want to try and stay as market leaders in affiliate programs.

A new product for associates is aStore, which gives users the ability to create a specialized online store in a very short period of time, and with no need for any programming skills. The resulting online store can be connected to from a website, or truly made an integral part of a website. This then enables website owners to use the Amazon branding to keep visitors on their site longer, and pull them back more often. aStore allows website owners to include all Amazon products, or choose only the categories that will fit well with the kind of goods and products on sale, being reviewed or being blogged on the hosting website. The store can be customized in addition, so that it fits well with the style of the hosting website. Internet users are accustomed to using shopping carts and Amazon of course uses a shopping cart itself. The aStore system also has a shopping cart facility, and this enables buyers to select an item and continue shopping until they have all they items they want in their “basket”. Once set up, the aStore program enables website to provide the most up to date products, reviews and recommendations from Amazon, without the website great number having to make any modifications to their own website code. Use of aStore is free for Amazon Associates members and referral fees for sales are handled in the same way as for other links and sales.

Another new program from Amazon is Omakase ™ which enables information from different Amazon supplies to be connected into combinations to suit the hosting website’s tastes, making them already more applicable to the hosting site. Omakase enables users to provide personalized adverts for products that supplement a site’s design and appear seamless to website visitors.

Tools like these permit website owners to set up shops, stores, reviews, recommendations, carts, baskets on their own site without buyers having to click by to the Amazon website.

Other innovations include a hover and preview facility which allows the user to hover the cursor over an item, and get a pop-up box showing an image of the product, price information, availability and customer review scores. Users can decide to add the item to their shopping cart straight away, or they can click for further detailed information. The features are designed to make life simpler for the end-user or shopper so that a buy can be made easily.

Tools like aStore and Omakase are designed to make life simpler for members of the affiliate program.

If life is easier for everyone more sales should consequence – and everyone’s a winner!

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