A Novel Way to Survive Hosting a Dinner Party – Easy Dinner Party Idea…

A Novel Way to Survive Hosting a Dinner Party – Easy Dinner Party Idea…

Hosting a dinner party for the first time can be so stressful for the great number or hostess, that truly enjoying the event could be considered a totally alien concept. It can though, be different, if we use a bit of guile and imagination. already if the method Im going to describe is not appropriate for your idea of a dinner party, it works just in addition for more informal gatherings. Either way, what follows is a way to entertain without having frazzled nerves.

The formal dinner party has been around for goodness knows how long, centuries probably. Lets have a look at a modern take on the dinner party idea, make it less formal and more enjoyable.

A typical dinner party involves the great number or hostess disappearing at various times to take care of cooking a meal. This in itself seems to me to be slightly anti social – it being a social event. Of course, in years past, if you were wealthy you would have servants to cook and serve. A bit of a rarity these days. However, there is a way to enjoy and take part in my sort of dinner party, have a good time and your guests will leave admiring your slightly laid back efforts.

A buffet is okay for some occasions, but not for a dinner party. Were expected to cook, and we will. Just not in the traditional sense.

Have you heard of Teppanyaki? This is a Japanese method of grilling on a hotplate, Teppan meaning iron plate and Yaki meaning to grill. Wed typically call it griddling but Teppanyaki sounds much more upmarket and will fool one or two guests. These are the ones who will be impressed when you tell them what the translation is. OK, its a bit pretentious but why worry?

My take on this whole thing is to prepare your side dishes well in improvement. This could be a green salad to join meat, or already vegetables kept warm in a bain marie. The meat part of the meal is going to be sizzling away on a Teppanyaki style griddle. In the UK, Andrew James does an excellent range and in the USA, Presto do a decent range of slightly smaller versions.

The whole point of the Teppanyaki grill is that the meat is going to cook in public. This is shared in Japanese steakhouses and easy to replicate at home. The bonus for us is that we are having a modern informal dinner party. This method that we can invite people to eat without already mentioning dinner party. Your guests can choose their meat the way that they like it, taking that responsibility away from you. There is no reason at all why some of your friends who enjoy scarce meat cant eat while others have a glass of wine. After all, we accept this at a family barbecue so why not at other times?

already if you are not keen on holding a dinner party in this way, remember that this idea nevertheless works in any informal gathering where food is involved. Teppanyaki really works.

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