A Fire Inside (AFI) – Is The Fire nevertheless Burning?

A Fire Inside (AFI) – Is The Fire nevertheless Burning?

A Fire Inside (AFI) is a band composed of hardcore punk revivalists who first came together in 1991 when high school friends Davey Havok (vocalist), Markus Stopholese (guitarist), Vick (bassist), and Adam Carson (drums) got together in Ukiah. Soon after Vick was replaced by Geoff Kresge the band released their divided 7″ called “Dork” with another local band, Loose Change. Ironically, Loose Change’s member Jade Puget later became a member of AFI. They also released an EP called “Behind the Times.” Unfortunately, the band members decided to go to separate colleges, so they all went their own way.

Everyone was sure that AFI was no more, already Kresge, who moved to New Jersey and joined Blanks 77. When the band members got back together on a school holiday break, they decided to play one show and were so surprised about the positive response from the fans, they all quit school to start the band back up, giving up their education to pursue music complete-time.

After releasing a associate of singles, AFI got a record deal with the Nitro label and released their second album. It was called “Very Proud of Ya” and came out in 1996, followed by two LPs in 1997. One was a re-release of the band’s debut album that first came out in 1995 called “Answer That and Stay Fashionable,” and the other was “Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes.” Right after that, the band started experiencing personnel shifts, with Kresge being the first to leave. He was replaced by Hunter Burgan, and Stopholese was switched out with ex-Redemption 87 guitarist Jade Puget, who, at that time, was writing songs with Havok.

In 1998, the newly formed AFI released an EP called “A Fire Inside” and then came out with a more mature, complete-length EP in 1999 called “Black Sails in the Sunset.” This was also the year they released the “All Hallow’s” EP, followed by “The Art of Drowning” in 2000. Though the band already had a huge following, the 2000 album brought forth an already bigger crowd. Many attribute this to the hit “Days of the Phoenix.”

Whether they stand the test of time and become one of the typical punk bands of our era, only time will tell…

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