4 Slice Toaster Pros and Cons

The days of two slice toasters are generally thought to have passed away. 4 slice toasters emerged into a new era of functional household keeping. By saying functional I know what I average, as what can be more functional than a tiny kitchen device which serves you well in the morning when an alarm can hardly wake you up to make a good breakfast for your family?

So let us consider the pros and cons of a 4 slice toaster.


1. To make four toasts in a two-slice toaster you have to do it in several toasting sessions. This definitely requires twice energy one 4 slice unit would use for making the same. consequently, having the latter in the kitchen you will definitely stay “green” and, besides, save some dollars on your electricity expenses.

2. Another advantage which is connected with the first one is a definite time economy. By putting four slices of bread into a toaster at once you will be satisfied with the quick results you get. Especially if you are dreadfully hungry and are nearly late for your work.

3. Of course, larger toasters are a must for a large family. They give an excellent opportunity to satisfy all the members of your family quickly. Alternatively, these kitchen devices will be enjoyed by those who think that a breakfast of two toasts won’t fit for their hungry stomach.

4. Modern toasters are supplied with additional roles. These little workstations will provide you with a quick breakfast, adding it with eggs, muffins, waffles, or any sort of bonuses you choose when buying one of them.

5. Most of modern 4 slice toasters look great. They are perfectly worked out to fit your kitchen and the latest standards of design. Though this is not the most important advantage (it’s not for nothing that I put it at the last place), it will surely help you make the right choice.


1. 4 slice toasters are generally pricier than 2 slice ones. Despite the variety of their roles it remains their main disadvantage, though some would not take it into consideration. However, nowadays you can find the units which cost about $25-30, which is as little as the price of some 2 slice toasters. But, of course, they without some roles and are the simplest ones.

2. Designed to toast four bread slices at once, the majority of these toasters require more place at your kitchen table than the smaller ones do. And if the table is already complete of household devices, this definitely matters.

That said, 4 slice toasters really have more pros than cons, but the final decision is up to you.

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