3 Things to Know When Installing a New HVAC System

3 Things to Know When Installing a New HVAC System

When you own a business, you rely on your buildings HVAC system, especially during colder winter months and scorching summers, to control the indoor air quality and make sure the ecosystem is comfortable for all your employees.
The last thing youd want is for your system to break down in the middle of July, which is why you need to consider a few things before installing your system to avoid such mishaps later on. When youre installing a new HVAC system, you need to be mindful of all your options and work with a specialized HVAC company to get a great return on your investment.
Here are three things to know before installing AC in your commercial space:

The Geographical Location and Its Implications

Where your building is located plays a huge role in finding the right unit for your building. The geographical position may provide your space with rare cooling and heating capabilities that need to be considered.
for example, some buildings have an HVAC system with a passive solar design that uses exposure to the sun to heat and cool spaces. Some other design strategies may include window and roof positioning. If your business space experiences a cooling or heating effect, you need to choose an HVAC system that will utilize these capabilities in the best way.

The Correct System Size

Another thing you should consider is the size of your commercial space and whether the equipment youre getting installed will get the job done efficiently. Here, size doesnt necessarily refer to the physical dimensions, but the cooling and heating requirements and selecting a system with adequate functional capacity.
If you choose a system thats too small, it will keep running continuously to make sure your building is cool and consequence in higher energy bills. Consider factors like the size of the building, your personal preferences for comfort, and the layout and thermal characteristics of the building to determine the correct size of the unit.

The Condition of Your Ductwork and Vents

Before you can get a new HVAC system installed, you need to make sure that your ductwork and vents are in great condition. Poorly maintained and inefficient ducts are likely to leak up to 20 percent of the cooled or heated air.
Get in touch with an HVAC technician to get your duct system checked and repaired before your new system can be put in place. Buildings that are older may require new ductwork while remodeled commercial similarities may require custom ductwork to ensure the HVAC system gets ventilated properly.

It goes without saying that installing an HVAC system is a huge investment. You need to do your research about the unit youre going to buy and keep these factors in mind before you can get the system installed on your character.

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