3 Secrets to Getting a Psychic Reading You’ll NEVER Forget (Or closest Regret!)

3 Secrets to Getting a Psychic Reading You’ll NEVER Forget (Or closest Regret!)

Who else is thinking about getting a psychic reading? Are you at a crossroads in your life? Having questions about your relationships, or your career or not sure if you are already living the life you imagined? For many of us, we get to a point of our lives where we feel STUCK and unsure… and ultimately, uncertain about what to do next.

Often, when we’ve depleted all of the traditional ways of getting advice – talking to friends, family or already seeking out “specialized” counseling, many of us have found AMAZING insights from speaking to a psychic or intuitive advisor.

The truth is, you don’t already need to BELIEVE that psychic abilities are real to have an eye opening experience that could change everything you believe to be true in a moment! (as I was a die hard skeptic until I had an experience that convinced me there was MUCH about the world I had however to learn)

That said… if you are serious about getting a psychic reading, there are super simple things you must do to prepare if you want to have a noticable experience. And in my 20 years of exploring psychic readings of ALL types both personally and professionally alike, I’m going to list the top 3 things I’ve learned along the way.

Ready? Continue reading as we take a closer look!

1 – The biology of BELIEF

You don’t have to believe anything weird, exotic or “new age” to have a life changing experience with a psychic. You DO however, have to suspend your super skeptical outlook for at the minimum a few minutes if you are going to have a worthwhile reading. Why? There are lots of studies that suggest that your ATTITUDE about an experience like this plays a big role in how information moves to and by people in a “psychic” way. Studies done in for example between people in love and people who HATE each other, have shown that a heart connection is truly a facilitator of psychic “move”. (where folks who claim to “hate” each other have NO psychic connection at all… when studied in a lab)

Similarly – folks who claim to be OPEN to the idea that psychic abilities are real, when their readings are OBJECTIVELY rated by believers and skeptics alike, are found to be much more accurate by all measures.

(or said more simply – if you keep your MIND open before your reading begins, the likelihood of the intuitive being able to “read” you goes up exponentially)

2 – Preparation is meaningful

Write down 3 to 5 meaningful questions you want answers to before the reading begins. Have a goal in mind. Keep these questions to yourself clearly… but allow the reading to unfold in a way that allows them to be addressed. GRADE your reading based on whether the psychic, clairvoyant or intuitive truly gives you advice, insight and illumination on the questions your wrote down BEFORE hand. (instead of let them go off on a tangent that is unimportant to you!)

3 – Know the kind of psychic reading you need

If you want to connect with a loved one that has passed on, for example… seeing a medium is basic. If you have issues with your love life, seeing an emotional empath, or love psychic is meaningful. Choosing the RIGHT kind of psychic is similar to choosing the right kind of specialized in ANY field. You wouldn’t go to a heart surgeon to prepare for a pregnancy… and you shouldn’t see a love psychic to connect to your grandfather who has just passed over!

Just PICK the right kind of reading for you… and go for it! Don’t over think it, or study and analyze the perfect reading for weeks or months. Set aside a 10 or 20 dollar budget, call a reputable service with great guarantees (money back or better) and ENJOY yourself! (you’ll be amazed at the sort of information you can get that CAN change your life forever!)

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