3 Advantages of Web Hosting Plans With Unlimited Domains

3 Advantages of Web Hosting Plans With Unlimited Domains

Today, my mother bought her first domain name — and with it, she bought her first web hosting plan. Since I happen to make my living online, it was definitely my duty to help her by what could have been a daunting task. You see, one of her website goals is to have a few different websites that shell use to create a small family of websites — one will be a blog; one will be a website that has coupons for different stores at which she and her friends like to shop; and one will be a forum for seniors.

After discussing with her the options she had regarding web hosting companies and web hosting plans, it was obvious that she should choose a great number with a plan that supported unlimited domains.

What this method is that you can buy an unlimited amount of domain names, and have those domains hosted on one server under one plan. So, basically, after purchasing such a plan, you could buy a domain name every day from here on out, and never have to buy hosting again. You can great number every last one of those domains with your one hosting plan.

Here are 3 advantages to choosing such a web hosting plan.

1. Convenience

I, myself, have a web hosting plan with unlimited domains. It is incredibly functional to be able to go to one central administrative control panel to select from the seven websites I have. I can create new email addresses for three different websites within the same control panel if I need to. I can add WordPress to one site and Joomla! to another all without leaving my singular control panel.

Because my plan holds unlimited domains, I can also reach the actual server directories for all of my different websites via ftp by logging in just once. This is very time efficient for me because if I need to add images to two or three different sites, I can do it much more quickly than if I had to log in and out two or three times.

2. Reliability

I wont say who my hosting company is, but they are VERY reliable. And I feel confident that all of my websites are in good hands. My mother chose the same company for her hosting plan, and her websites will be in good hands in addition.

When you have a reliable web hosting company that offers unlimited domain hosting, that method that you can rest easy knowing that all of your sites will be maintained with the same level of service and professionalism.

If your web hosting company has an impressive uptime (how much time your website will be up online for everyone to see), that method ALL of your sites assistance from that characterize. Having all of your domains hosted on different servers increases your chances of experiencing downtimes because there are more servers to potentially experience problems.

3. Affordability

Last but not least, web hosting plans with unlimited domain hosting are usually very affordable. It is not uncommon for you to be able to buy such a hosting plan for under $10 per month.

Depending on how many sites you plan on creating, buying a plan with unlimited domains could save you literally thousands of dollars.

THIS was the advantage that convinced my mother to go the unlimited domain route. The other advantages are just bonuses in her eyes.

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